Simon Patchett // 9'2 Pinwheel

Simon Patchett is a burning bundle of energy... when he's excited about something, he's fully tuned in.  It makes it fun to plan and scheme with him, because he's fired up and he's already put tons of thought into whatever the subject is.  Patchy was super particular about this Pinwheel, and the lines he was going to take on it, and the way it was going to feel when he put it up on rail for a turn.  So, long after the board got shipped off to Australia, these photos showed up in the email inbox, perfectly depicting the hand-movements and body contortions that Patchy had been acting out when talking through this board with us.  Makes it extra fun for us to see Patchy's energy get unleashed on the ocean finally.  Put the Law books away once in a while, eh?  Photos: Neil Patchett

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Ready to Rip

Ready to Rip

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