Periodic Product Release // October 2014

Our aim is to be the premier lifestyle brand of the Surfer+Craftsman, which means designing and manufacturing surfboards and products of exceptional quality, and delivering those products to you.  We are working on new surfboard designs, and building new surfboards, continuously; and in a similar fashion, we are now releasing smaller collections of product more frequently throughout the year.  Look for monthly PPR releases from Almond Surfboards, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know what’s in the works.
The newly updated Wave Miner Henley is the first in the series of Pointedly Purposeful Periodic Product Releases.Periodic Product Release_page-02-02-02-03-03

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2015 Color Wheel // Almond Surfboards

You Need A Small Board in Your Quiver

You Need A Small Board in Your Quiver