COMPASSING by Cyrus Sutton

Almond Surfboard rider and dear friend, Cyrus Sutton, has been premiering Compassing around recently, but don’t fret… if you didn’t catch one of the premier nights, today is your lucky day.  The full-length film is available for viewing about 2 inches south of here, on your computer screen.  We built a new green log for Cy right before he started filming for this film.. which you can see in the first few scenes.  (In some ridiculously long right-hand noserides, I might add)  Cy expands a bit on his tendency to travel and seek out new adventure, and shows how diverse and developed his surfing is, for those who may only know him as a “longboarder”.  This isn’t a “put on in the background” surf flick, this is a “pull up a chair and enjoy the next 27 minutes” piece.  Without further a due, Compassing:

COMPASSING from on Vimeo.

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