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A Mid-Length Crisis

A Mid-Length Crisis
I’m tired of the wasted energy to position, paddle, and barely scratch into waves that I should be catching with ease.
I believe every surfer needs to have a mid-length crisis.  With a mid-length in your quiver; I promise you’ll catch more waves, make more sections, and inevitably have more fun.   In my book, a mid-length can range anywhere from 6’4 to 8’6.  This means that inherently they are designed to be extremely versatile & can be surfed in a variety of conditions.
Mid-length’s are like the porridge that Goldilocks was searching for; not too big, not too small, just right.  They marry the glide and early entry of classic longboards with the responsiveness and ability to fit in critical sections that is typically found in shorter boards.  This is what makes them such great travel boards.  Not only are they easy to fit in a board bag, on a plane, on the the side of your rented Vespa; but they can be surfed in conditions that range from 2 foot mush to overhead slabs.  This means you’re always prepared, even with one board at your disposal.
Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of riding many of the mid-lengths we have here at Almond.  From the cruisy & easy-to-surf Joy, playful Beach Chicken, progressive Big Bueno Fish, and (my favorite) the Pleasant Pheasant
KNOW there is a mid-length that fits perfectly to your riding style & your quiver.
No matter what you are looking to feel underneath your feet; I believe that one of these models is a perfect fit to help you get into waves early and often.  

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