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Get to know: Ronan Gibbs

Get to know: Ronan Gibbs
Ronan is a mega-stoked 18-year-old kid, and we're stoked on his surfing and the way he approaches life.  He embodies many of the things we love about surfing—positivity and flexing the creative muscle.
Here's a quick edit of him surfing, that he recorded a soundtrack for himself...
1. How old are you and where did you grow up?
I am currently 18 years old and grew up in America's finest: San Diego, California.
2. At which surf spot have you spent the most hours in the water?
La Jolla Shores, easily. Probably one of the most packed and popular surf spots around here but there's something special about it to me. The summer time adds a whole new dimension to it too... dodging boards and people all while trying to stay on the wave and keep your board undinged. Shores will always have a special place in my heart.
3. What is in the water down there, that's making you and your friends want to create surf edits, music, etc...?
Honestly, I don't even know. It might be all of the sewage from the Tijuana River that's getting us amped up and creating music for our edits. Might have to look into that one haha!
4. You ooze positivity, a trait that we really appreciate about you.  Where does that positive outlook and wisdom come from?
I think it comes from a couple of things...
  • Really recognizing that life is short. I know it's a very watered down saying, but it's so true. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring? Who knows what the next half hour is going to bring? It's important to keep your heart open to everything, and love everyone around you, no matter who they are.
  • Knowing and accepting that everything is constantly changing. Your life is always going to be shifting, whether it's people, places, things, or anything at all for that matter. So learning to surrender to change and not fighting it makes things a whole lot easier. Imagine yourself as water. Flowing and shifting, never staying the same.
  • Being in tune with your emotions and feeling what you're feeling. By this, I mean not running away from any ill feelings or discomfort. Even though it may suck sometimes, if you feel what you're feeling in the moment, you'll be happiest and healthiest in the long run.
  • Never comparing yourself to anyone or anything. With social media, all we see are the highs of someone's life, never the lows. It's so easy for anyone (specifically kids my age and younger) to compare themselves to others because they don't have the better car, iPhone, clothes, abilities, opportunities, etc. Just be grateful for what you have right now and the opportunities you've been given. There's always something in your life to be grateful for, it just depends how you look at it, really.
  • Just be 100% yes to life :)
5. What is one goal you have for your surfing in 2022?
I'd have to say having the opportunity to be invited to surf in the Mexi Log Fest. That's been a huge dream of mine, along with the Vans Duct Tape. The thought of being able to surf and hangout with some of the best surfers in the world is so rad. 
6. Give us your ideal 3 Board Quiver
a. 9'6 or 9'8 Lumberjack
b. 7'2 Beach Chicken. When the waves are too big for a log, this would be my for sure go-to
c. The WTRP
7. Bonus question: anything else you want the people to know?
I'm always open to have a nice conversation with anyone :)

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