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Plan A Surf Meetup

Plan A Surf Meetup

The hooting, hollering, calling people into waves, calling people off of waves.

Nothing beats paddling out with friends.

I visited some friends in Australia years ago and they play a game called "Nike". If your buddy calls Nike! you have to just do it and paddle for the oncoming wave... no matter what.  Usually this results in taking one on the head or going over the falls. 

This Black Friday, we are closed (which is normal for our small surf shop), so we're inviting you to come surf with us instead (more details to follow).

However, we realize not everyone lives within a quick morning drive of our shop.

Which got us thinking... Dragging a few boards down to the beach and shooting a text to your friends can happen wherever your home break is.

Whether it's a quick 30 min surf before responsibility calls, or an all-day campout to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of your day, find the window that works for you and yours—and make it happen. 

Tips for Planning A Surf Meetup

  1. Pick a spot where its unlikely to be crowded (it'll be more enjoyable for all involved)
  2. Drag an extra board down (swapping boards adds to the occasion)
  3. Surf in shifts (come in, sip coffee, laugh at your friends, paddle back out)
  4. Bring a camera into the lineup. (We've used everything from disposable waterproof cameras to expensive water housings to waterproof cases for cell phones, it just adds to the memory making.)
  5. Be mindful of the folks in the lineup who didn't know they were being invited to a surf party. (social boundaries don't go out the window when you paddle into the lineup—be good neighbors)
  6. Bring the kids (if you've got them).  If you think it's memorable for you, its infinitely more memorable for the kiddos.  Whether you surf in shifts so the kids can play on the beach, or you paddle out with them on a foamie, kids are really good at reminding us how to have fun, when we're tempted to forget.

Enjoy these moments.  Share a few waves, swap a few boards, and just enjoy playing in the waves with little expectation around needing to surf to the peak of your abilities. 

Maybe even let your friend drop in on you from time to time.

The whole idea of the Early & Often Surf Club is to make the most of the conditions at hand, and when possible share in that with some real good people.

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