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What is a Hot-Coat Stripe?

What is a Hot-Coat Stripe?

Surfboard terminology can be confusing at times.

What is a hot coat stripe? Or a hot coat panel?

Hot coat stripes and hot coat panels get their name because they go on after the hot coat of resin and before the gloss coat.

They’re floating one layer above the lamination, which in the case of the Surf Thump below, is a tan tint.  When adding color to a board, anything done in the lamination is poured on, which is how laminators get beautiful tints, swirls, abstracts, and messy lines.

Hot coat stripes and panels are taped off and applied on a separate layer, that allows them to beautifully contrast the tint below. 

If you are a visual person, we designed a poster last year to illustrate the layers of a surfboard.  There is so much work that goes into bringing a surfboard to life—even when the shaping portion is complete, the lion's share of the labor still lies ahead.  Each of these steps requires getting set up, executing the process diligently, and then letting the resin cure.

This 16" x 20" poster is really an ode to those hands who bring surfboards to life. 

$30 and screen-printed at our office in California.

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