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Which Length Surfboard is Best for You

Which Length Surfboard is Best for You

We get a ton of questions from customers who are trying to determine the correct length board to get, so we wanted to make a quick guide to lend some advice in making wise decisions for your quiver.

Surfboards are not entirely sized in relation to your height / weight, like some might think of skis or a wetsuit.  Surfboards are much more subjective because they come in a variety of shapes, volumes, and intended purposes.

If you are relatively new to surfing and just want to get something that is going to help build confidence in the water, read this article.

If you are looking at our surfboard model offerings and wanting to determine which length is appropriate, here are a few things to consider.

  1. I'm about to lay out the most popular lengths of each of our surfboard models.  Consider these lengths fairly middle-of-the-road for that respective model.
  2. If you are a little larger, or want a little more wave-catching ability size up from the average.
  3. If you are a little smaller or want a slightly more nimble feel, size down slightly from the average.
  4. We offer ranges with volume measurements on each board model page, so you can compare the volume (in Liters) to other boards in your quiver.  Liters are a great equalizing measurement to get a feel for how much foam is under your chest and under your feet.

Without futher delay, here are the most popular length of each of our surfboard models:

  • Sea Kitten: 5'2
  • Secret Menu: 5'4
  • Special Recipe Fish: 5'6
  • Sandia Fish: 5'8
  • Survey: 5'9
  • Quadkumber/Kookumber: 5'10
  • Big Bueno Fish: 6'4
  • Pleasant Pheasant: 6'6
  • Beach Chicken: 7'2
  • Joy: 7'6
  • Cash-Yew II: 8'8
  • Pinwheel: 9'0
  • Surf Thump: 9'2
  • Lumberjack: 9'4
  • Sano Special: 9'6
  • Logistic: 9'6
  • Walks on Water: 9'8

Like I mentioned earlier, use these lengths as a starting point to determine whether you'd like a little extra foam or a little more nimble feel under foot.  When you are ready to order a custom board, here is our Guide to Ordering A Custom Surfboard

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