Andy's Arrowhead


There's nothing better for that retro speed approach when the waves get critical. Thick down-rails, pretty flat bottom, and wide point forward—all true to form for the era. 

Andy had a beat up, old, 1970's gold 6’9 singlefin for YEARS. I’m pretty sure it was a garage sale score… It’s narrow, straight, and he surfed it really well when the waves got good.

That garage sale treasure was the inspiration behind Andy's newest signature surfboard model.

FIN: Single Fin Box come standard on Andy's Arrowhead


  • 6'5 and 7'4 long 


  • 6'8"   19" by 3.1" | 41.59
  • 6'10" 19.06" by 3.1" | 43.32L
  • 7'0"   19.3" by 3.12" | 45.55L
  • 7'2"   19.4" by 3.12" | 46.52L

Read about the origin of Andy's Arrowhead here.

Or order a custom Andy's Arrowhead to suit your goals and needs here.