Kookumber & Quadkumber

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The Kookumber packs alot of drive and love down-the-line minded surfing. We kept the tail wider on this board to give it more of the fish-like drive and flow; but the single fin makes the lines more smooth and fluid than a twin fin. 

BEST FOR: Suitable for a variety of waves, but probably excels the most at longer running waves.

The Quadkumber (short for Quad-fin Kookumber) is a comfortable blend of fishy paddle-ability and shortboard responsiveness.  The Quadkumber is able to be pushed a little more aggressively than many of the shorter, wider surfboards. 

BEST FOR: Getting into waves and maintaining speed; without sacrificing the ability to hit the lip. This board really flows off the tail fluidly.


  • 5’4 and 6’8 long


  • 5’6” 20 by 2 ‪7/16‬ | 30.7L
  • 5’8” 20 1/4 by 2 ‪7/16 | 32.3L
  • 5’10” 20 5/16 by 2.5" | 34.3L
  • 6’0” ‪20-3/8 by 2.52 | 35.2L‬