Cash-Yew II

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  • Cash-Yew II
  • Cash-Yew II
  • Cash-Yew II
  • Cash-Yew II

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Essentially a slimmed down version of the Pinwheel, that has been foiled into a flat, narrow, responsive midlength/longboard. We gave the Cash-Yew II some slight edge in the tail, so it pushes through cutbacks, and holds a high line well.

BEST FOR: Getting head dips on peaky, chest-high days. Capable of handling true barrels, as demonstrated by Patchy. The weight and flatter rocker make this thing a dream for getting into waves early and trimming around sections.

FIN: Singlefin box comes standard on the Cash-Yew.


  • 8'0 and 8'10 long


  • 8’4” 21 5/8 by 2.82"
  • 8’6” 21 ‪11/16‬ by 2.82"
  • 8’8” 21 7/8 by 2.88"
  • 9’0” 22 by 2.88"

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