The Joy

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Beat the crowd with The Joy, our most popular, and most versatile surfboard model. 

The Low-rocker and substantial volume will help you to catch more waves, and get into those waves earlier. Pintail and slight vee to help it turn with ease, even from the middle of the board. 

Midlengths offer the ability to glide on smaller days, or to get into waves extra early when it’s a little bigger. More "cruisey" than the Pleasant Pheasant; the Joy is a safe bet no matter who is asking.

Nathan Adams 8'0 Joy from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.


  • 6'4 and 8’0 long
  • 7'0 by 21 3/8 and 2 13/16 thick | 48.1
  • 7'2 by 21 1/2 and 2 13/16 thick | 49L
  • 7'4 by 21 5/8 and 2 13/16thick | 51.06
  • 7'6 by 21 3/4 and 2 7/8 thick | 53.59L
  • 7'8 by 21 13/16 wide and 2 7/8 thick | 55.1L
  • 8'0 by 22 1/4wide and 2 15/16 thick | 60.5L


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Brent F.
United States United States
Ode to Joy

4 years ago, I was a strict surfer of boards below 6'. A determined ripper. I was browsing Craigslist when I saw the luckiest post. A 7'6" bronze Joy for less than $300. I knew the sticker price of an Almond at the time and moved in for the steal. The original intention was to flip and reap profit, but I figured I would give it a spin first. My plan changed. The board changed me. Gone were the days of doing the Huntington hop thru gutless mush. I grabbed this board and cruised past my friends. I began to bring it in larger and larger swells. The board loves a forward fin with an open face. The pin tail keeps this board surprisingly critical. It loves a high tide and a large swell. It became a travel board due to its versatility. I became a particular devotee after breaking my hand. I was casted for 3 months. BUT it was a waterproof cast. Flapping and flailing, I learned to surf again one-handed. This was the only board that could provide the stability for my awkward pop-up. I surfed nearly everyday of the pandemic broken on this board. I mastered my cheater-5's during this time. 4 years of surfing leashless has left many love scars, but the board is still the prettiest on the beach. If I had one board for Southern California, I do not believe I could make a better choice. Versatility in surfboards can imply a board does not excel in anything in particular. This logic does not apply to the Joy. Its a flat boi, but I think its the rails that really do it. Grabbing rail on a critical drop with this thing does wonders. Cheater 5's are more fun on this than my longboards. Keep the fin loose and you can really groove. Put the fin back and you got a quasi step-up. Anyway, I love my #5416 Joy. Most valuable in my quiver. I don't know if the triple stringer will ever actually break, but if it does I will be knocking on your door for another. Worth every penny. Thanks >3 Sizing: Me: 6'0" 170 lbs Joy: 7'6" (I believe perfect for me and versatility) Performance Shortboard : 6'0" 28.4 L

Almond Surfboards 8'0 Joy #7336 Review
Gregroy S.
United States United States
The Joy is a joy!

Love the board. Love the vibe. Almond creates a board, that creates a lifestyle. Stoke.

Michael H.
United States United States

This board is everything I was hoping it would be! One of my favorite spots to surf is Doheny especially during the summer it's a fun place to be. I was worried I would have a hard time getting into waves because it's a longboarding spot but this board is a wave catching machine and so smooth to ride! Definitely one of the most fun sessions I've had in a while! Thanks!

Almond Surfboards 8'0 Joy #7336 Review

I have a 7'6" Joy and I had a 6'4" Joy and both are (were) great. The 7'6" Joy is a super fun mid-length that has an amazing amount of versatility in terms of how you can surf it. The pintail gives the Joy a lot of drive and hold on the face that is really interesting to play with, and you can actually push it harder on waves than you would think. My 7'6" Joy is the perfect mid-length. Reef points seem to work best (Swamis down here in San Diego, for example), but I've had it out in beach breaks and it excels in steeper waves too with the right timing. Someone else noted that the smaller length Joys had a different feel and I think that is entirely true. My 6'4" was amazing, but I noticed that I surfed it a bit differently than the 7'6". I had some great rides on the shorter Joy, but it actually seemed to fit somewhere between a mid-length and a shortboard. I ended up surfing it more like my shortboards, taking off closer to the peak/critical section. When I did that, it worked really well and was a blast to play with. With this approach I really reaped the benefits of the pintail design; it excelled with a more critical take off, because it gave me a lot of "hold" for a single fin. I ultimately switched out my smaller Joy for a Pleasant Pheasant but only to diversify my quiver. If you are looking for a really versatile mid-length that can be both cruisey and a little more aggressive when needed I'd definitely recommend the 7'6" Joy. If you are looking for a really unique single fin surfing experience on a board that can be pushed in faster waves but still can get you down the line then try your hand at a shorter (maybe sub-6'8" model) Joy. Either way, you'll be happy and racing down the line!


I ordered the Joy in a 6’4. Im 5’8” 150 lbs. The board was fine down the line and worked well in all waves how ever I Belice I ordered it too small. I think I should of had a 6’10” minimum. It didn’t pick up waves early as I had wanted and paddled a bite sluggish because not enough water line. I recommend a 7’4”!for my size . Good true mid range board. Looks cool in the 6’4”!and got lot is compliments!