R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE

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R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE

*** We have a batch of JOYS getting wrapped up. New 8'0 JOY orders will start shipping the first week of September.  Please allow 5-7 days for your board to ship or pick up in store **

"The R-Series Joy is the best board for beginner to intermediate surfers looking to build confidence in the water."

Beat the crowd with The Joy, our most popular, and most versatile surfboard model. 

 At 8'0 long and 22" wide, the R-Series Joy is designed to be the go-to surfboard for all ages and stages. (Appropriate for surfers from 65 lbs to 250 lbs)

The Low-rocker and substantial volume will help you to catch more waves, and get into those waves earlier. Pintail and slight vee (bottom contour) help it turn with ease, even from the middle of the board. 

The Next R-Series Surfboard | Summer 2019 from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

The R-Series construction is designed with a deep awareness of the role we play in the bigger picture. The materials used in the R-Series surfboards can—and will be—recycled at the end of the board’s life, through our Recycling Loyalty Program. Please refer to our limited warranty for any questions regarding the R-Series surfboard.

  • 8'0" x 22" wide
  • 72.2 L
  • Double Stringer
  • High Density Copolymer Foam
  • No-Wax-Necessary Deck Pad
  • Detachable 9" Single Fin (included!)
  • Leash Attachment
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in USA


🌎International Customers: We don't have a default shipping method for international surfboard orders of this size, but we can get a shipping quote for you! 

Contact: International Shipping Requests

R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE
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M. Harris
An Absolute JOY!

I purchased the R-Series Joy about a week ago, and immediately took it out for a spin. As my usual ride is a 9'-6" Almond Log Rhythm, I was preparing myself for my session to require a bit more intense paddling than I was used to. I dropped the board in the water, jumped on, and was blown away to realize that the R-Series Joy's incredible buoyancy floats me as well as my larger board, and glides like a dream. I was able to get into waves very easily, and the maneuverability, response and drive were solid. As I told the Almond boys, it was the funnest session I'd had since I began surfing. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

a. Kelso
R-Series Joy

The new R-Series Joy is MENTAL! Out of control radical. This is a soft board like no other. It feels and responds just like the same board in traditional construction. I took this thing out with high hopes trusting Almond to deliver on the same quality that they’ve produced for so many years and the Joy did not disappoint. Like it’s name; Joy was abundant, I could not get the childlike smile off my face. Even in average surf this board felt super spicy and lively it did not behave like any other soft board I have ridden in the past. This is a board for everyones quiver, versatile and fun! For the person interested in catching waves early and often!

Ken K.
excellent addition to quiver

Really enjoying it. It’s great for 2-3’ blackies shore break where you don’t mind if you pound it into the sand on a close out. Also has enough volume to ride 3-4’ San-O. The foam does scuff up my knees but other than that, I’m glad I made the purchase.

Almond Surfboards R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE Review
Dylan O.
Pretty darn good for a foamie.

This board is all around a good time. Almond sent the board out to me and with in a week it made it to the east coast! The day I received the package we had some sizable surf (chest-head high). Not only does it paddle well but surprisingly holds well while riding in the pocket, doing bottom turns and cheating 5. The only thing is the foam that it’s made from is more dense than most soft top surf boards. Meaning it will ding dent and even tear if bumped or scraped against sharp or rough surfaces. It’s not a bad thing. If you take care if it like any board it will last long time! Besides having that ridged foam allows the board to respond the way it does while riding. 5 stars for having a foam board that can fill the need for both experienced surfers and novice! Quality 100% Stoke 100% Thank you almond!

Almond Surfboards R-Series 8'0 Joy | SAGE Review
Must Own

I got both the Secret Menu and the Joy R Series boards and absolutely love them! They should be in everyone’s quiver. I’m super excited about how well they both handle and get into waves. I’m a bigger dude (6’1 | 210lbs), and I was a bit worried about the Secret Menu being too small, but the 36.4 volume is more than enough, and it’s super fun and skaty once you’re up. Not needing wax is an incredible plus as I’m able to keep it in my car and get a quick session in while I’m out. Highly recommend both the Secret Menu and the Joy R Series!!

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