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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Almond Wholesale Apparel?

Yes. We work with select accounts across the world that carry Almond apparel. For wholesale inquiries please contact or visit our Wholesale Page.

 Which surfboard model do you recommend for _______?

We try to give as much relevant information as possible on each of our individual board model pages.  We are currently working on a series of updated board model videos to address such questions as "what types of waves is this surfboard best suited for?" and "what are the differences between the different fins or fin-setups?"

Do you ship surfboards to _______?

We do ship surfboards around the globe.  Within the United States, shipping a surfboard to your nearest Airport typically costs between $150 to $250.  To have the board delivered to your Home Address is closer to $300.
International shipments are a bit trickier.  The cost of sending a single surfboard overseas is nearly always more than the cost of the surfboard itself, and requires a hefty load of paperwork.  For this reason, we have established dealers and distributors in many of the popular surf regions across the globe.  If you would like to find a dealer near you, please refer to the footer of our website for a list of the countries where Almonds are available for purchase.
HOWEVER, there is one major money-saving tip: A surfboard box can hold up to 4 surfboards with fin boxes or 2-3 surfboards with glass-ons.  The cost of sending a surfboard box is basically the same whether there is one board or 4 boards inside.  So, that hypothetical $250 shipment can quickly become $62.50 per board if you can find 3 friends to go in on a box with you.
*Before you sign for your surfboard, open the box and inspect the surfboard for damages.  Once the board is signed for, the shipping company is not liable for damages.  To avoid issues with shipping claims, DO NOT sign for your package until you do a thorough inspection of the board.*

How much is a __'__" _______ model with a ______ tint and a ______ finish?

If you would like a specific quote for a surfboard, please fill out the surfboard quote form HERE.

How long does it take to make a custom surfboard?

Our goal is to turn custom orders around in approximately 8-10 weeks.  However, more complicated orders like glass-on wooden fins commonly take 10-16 weeks.  We understand the excitement of ordering a new surfboard, and want to do our absolute best to get boards turned around in a timely manor.  As soon as your surfboard is done, we will call you and let you know.  The eternal surfboard building joke is the "Is My Board Done Yet?" phone call... and while we are happy to hear from you, we promise not to let your custom surfboard collect dust in the racks here at the shop.

What are your shop hours?

We are open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays.  If for some reason you come by during those hours, and we're not here... we apologize.  As indicated by our front door: "shop hours subject to waves"

Do you have a size chart for Almond clothing?

Approximate sizing of our Almond woven shirts is as follows:
SMALL 10" 20" 21.5" 18.5" 30" 7.5" 34"
MEDIUM 11" 21" 22" 18.5" 32" 8" 36"
LARGE 11" 22" 23" 20" 33" 9" 36.5"
X-LARGE 12" 22" 24" 20.5" 33.5" 9.5" 37"

What is your return policy?

Please contact us for authorization and instructions for all returns, refunds, or exchanges. Apparel purchased within 30 days with a receipt may be returned or exchanged.
No refunds or returns on custom surfboards will be accepted.
We insure all of our surfboard shipments against damage that may occur in transit.
Visit Shipping and Returns for more information.

Do you have a wetsuit size chart?

Size Chart (Men)
XS: 5’6-5’9 // 125-140lbs
S: 5’8-5’10 // 133-155lbs
MS: 5’6-5’8 // 140-160lbs
M: 5’9-5’11 // 150-170lbs
MT: 6’0-6’3 // 160-180lbs
LS: 5’7-5’10 // 160-180lbs
L: 5’10-6’0 // 170-190lbs
LT: 6’1-6’4 // 180-200lbs
XLS: 5’8-5’11 // 180-200lbs
XL: 5’11-6’2 // 190-210lbs
XLT: 6’3-6’6 // 200-220lbs
Size Chart (Women)
4: 5'4-5'6 // 100-120lbs
6: 5'5-5'7 // 105-125lbs
8: 5'6-5'8 // 110-130lbs
8S: 5'4-5'6 // 105-125lbs
8T: 5'8-5'10 // 120-140lbs
10: 5'7-5'9 // 120-140lbs
10S: 5'5-5'7 // 115-135lbs
10T: 5'9-5'11 // 130-150lbs

What blanks do you use for your surfboards?

Although we have dabbled in a few other manufacturers products at times, we use US BLANKS for our surfboards.  We have all of our custom rocker numbers and favorite stringer setups established with them.  We order blanks from them weekly. So when you order a surfboard, the blank gets ordered the next Sunday, for Wednesday delivery.  No run-arounds about "ordering your blank" taking time in the production process.

Does Dave Allee shape Almond Surfboards?

Short answer: No.  Long answer: Dave and Griffin teamed up in October 2008 to create a brand, out of a pipe-dream of Dave's.  They have spent many long hours, over the years, discussing surfboard theory and design, each bringing their own perspective and preferences to the table.  As Almond has grown, even more voices have been added to the conversation; whether it be Cam's input or Cyrus' feedback after a surf trip.  At the end of the day, Griffin is the one laboring in the shaping bay, day-in and day-out hand-shaping every Almond Surfboard.  Dave, Cam and others have certainly continued to dabble with creativity in the shaping bay, and Dave and his Dad have always build some wooden surfboards and other side-projects that adorn some of the walls of the Almond shop, but if you're riding an Almond, chances are nearly guaranteed that Griffin shaped it. 

Who glasses your surfboards?

Almond Surfboards are glassed at The Waterman's Guild in Santa Ana.  We have been working with the WG team since March 2009.  We also shape all our boards in the shaping bay we rent inside the Waterman's Guild.

Other questions?

Email us at


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