10'6 Cash-Yew II #6530



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10'6 Cash-Yew II #6530
10'6 Cash-Yew II #6530

We have been flirting with making the full 10'6" Glider for quite some time.  The 8'8 Cash-Yew II has been a mainstay for the last 4-5 years, and we finally went for it and build this thing as a proper 10'6 glide machine.

With this board under your feet, you are certain to be captain of the Early & Often Surf Club... you'll be out there catching waves where the dolphins take off.

We gave the Cash-Yew II some slight edge in the tail, so it pushes through cutbacks, and holds a high line well. The weight and flatter rocker make this thing a dream for getting into waves early and trimming around sections.

  • Navy Blue Tint
  • Double Stringer
  • Polish Finish
  • Singlefin Box
10'6 Cash-Yew II #6530
10'6 Cash-Yew II #6530

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