7'0 Andy's Arrowhead #7928


Andy Nieblas has had a beat up, old, gold 6’9 singlefin for YEARS. I’m pretty sure it was a garage sale score… It’s narrow, straight. and he surfs it really well when the waves get good.

We finally decided that it was high-time to shape him a brand new one—based on the old 70’s one that he clearly likes so much.  We left it very true-to-form for that era.  Thick down-rails, pretty flat bottom, and wide point forward.  There's not a better board to be on than Andy's Arrowhead when you are looking for a retro-feel in critical waves.

  • Light Yellow Tint
  • Single Stringer
  • Singlefin Box
  • Sanded-Gloss Finish 
  • Fin Included