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The Secret Menu packs a lot of volume, so it can be ridden very short.  The wide tail is great for generating lots of speed, even in smaller surf.  We added a fair bit more curve in the outline of the tail (compared to true mini-simmons shapes) to make this board turn better in beach break conditions.

The Secret Menu really prefers to be surfed off of the back foot, as you will very quickly realize. Drive off of the fins and tail volume for maximum speed.

FIN: Future quad or twin boxes are standard on the Secret Menu.


  • 4'10 and 5’6 long


  • 5’0” 20 by 2. ‪7/16 | 28.9L
  • 5’2” 20 1/8 by 2 1/2 | 30.1L
  • 5’4” ‪20-3/8 by 2 ‪9/16 | 32.0L‬
  • 5’6” ‪20-1/4 by 2.49 | 34.6L‬

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