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WTRP (pronounced Wyatt Earp) is an acronym for Winged-Twin Rounded-Pin. 

This a mid-sized surfboard with a narrow overall outline and features a slight wing (to shorten the turning radius) and big, upright twin fins for loose, flowy drive.

The pulled in pintail allows the WTRP to sit in the pocket of any wave; and the upright keel fins provide all the drive one could ask for.  This makes the board a blast to ride in almost any conditions; but the WTRP really comes alive when the waves get a bit more critical.

FIN: Futures Twin Fin boxes come standard on the WTRP


  • 6'8 and 7'8 long 

Read about the WTRP's origin here.

Or order a custom WTRP to suit your goals and needs here.