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Surf Films Are Alive and Well!

Surf Films Are Alive and Well!

I have often lamented the demise of the modern surf film; in part because films were so formative in my own understanding and exploration of surfing.

Full length surf films have it all: board design, great surfing, music, art, etc...

As these feature length films are replaced by single wave clips on instagram, surfing is losing an important part of its story: the cataloging of an entire generation of boards, progression, and culture.

Enter: Jack Coleman.

Jack has continued to produce videos of some of the most compelling surfers around today (including our very own Andy Nieblas).

He just released his latest film, a 37 minute long gem titled "Natural High"

You can rent or buy it on Vimeo and in doing so, reclaim a crucial part of surf culture: the full length surf film. Support Jack and ensure projects like this one continue to exist: 

NATURAL HIGH surf movie from Jack Coleman Surf Films on Vimeo.

Cast of Surfers Includes:

  • Andy Nieblas
  • Ryan Burch
  • Stephanie Gilmore
  • Ari Brown
  • Derrick Disney
  • and more..

"You don't just watch a Jack Coleman movie, you plunge into Jack's world. And it's a joyous world -- full of peeling waves and sideways drifts and luminous characters and always, always, always great music." Jamie Brisick

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