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Lumberjack + Pinwheel = Lumber-Wheel

Lumberjack + Pinwheel = Lumber-Wheel

What do you get when you mix a Lumberjack and a Pinwheel?

A Lumber-Wheel!

Left-side Lumberjack, right-side Pinwheel.

Kind of like Dr. Doolittle’s Pushmi-Pullyu, except this one is meant to have the stability and noseriding of the Lumberjack when you’re going left, and then the turning responsiveness of the Pinwheel when it’s time to change directions.

Does it work? We’ll keep you posted... Wesley Francis has only surfed it once, as far as I know. But blending ideas together is an important part of exploration and general “fun”.

Surfer: @wesleykfrancis 
Photos: @jeffrey_allee 
Surfboard: #lumberwheel

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