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Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

This review comes from a customer named Brent F.

"4 years ago, I was a strict surfer of boards below 6'. A determined ripper. 

...this board changed me.

Gone were the days of doing the Huntington hop thru gutless mush. I grabbed this board and cruised past my friends. I began to bring it in larger and larger swells. The board loves a forward fin with an open face. The pin tail keeps this board surprisingly critical. It loves a high tide and a large swell.

It became a travel board due to its versatility. I became a particular devotee after breaking my hand. I was casted for 3 months. BUT it was a waterproof cast. Flapping and flailing, I learned to surf again one-handed. This was the only board that could provide the stability for my awkward pop-up.

I mastered my cheater-5's during this time. 4 years of surfing leashless has left many love scars, but the board is still the prettiest on the beach. If I had one board for Southern California, I do not believe I could make a better choice.

Versatility in surfboards can imply a board does not excel in anything in particular. This logic does not apply to the Joy.

It's a flat boi, but I think it's the rails that really do it. Grabbing rail on a critical drop with this thing does wonders. Cheater 5's are more fun on this than my longboards. Keep the fin loose and you can really groove. Put the fin back and you got a quasi step-up. Anyway, I love my #5416 Joy. Most valuable in my quiver.

I don't know if the triple stringer will ever actually break, but if it does I will be knocking on your door for another.

Worth every penny. Thanks."


  • Me: 6'0" 170 lbs
  • Joy: 7'6" (I believe perfect for me and versatility)
  • Performance Shortboard : 6'0" 28.4 L

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