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The Chef's Favorite Dish to Cook

The Chef's Favorite Dish to Cook

Pay attention when a chef says something like "this is my favorite meal to prepare."

Likewise, pay attention when a shaper says "this is my favorite surfboard to shape."

We actually learned something new about our own Griffin Neumann-Kyle last week.  We asked customers to send in their burning surfboard questions for a long-form Q&A video, which you can watch here:

One of the questions submitted was "This one is for Griffin... what is your favorite surfboard to shape?"

Horrified, I realized that after 14 years of working together, I didn't even know the answer to this one.  I was as eager as the author of the question to find out.  

Turns out, Griffin's favorite surfboard to shape is the Pleasant Pheasant.

I wasn't particularly shocked by this revelation, it's a board that everyone around here thoroughly enjoys riding, it is consistently among the most popular models for our customers, and it blends together a lot of the best parts of longer boards and smaller boards.

I have stated at various times in the past that it would be my one-board-quiver, if I had to narrow it down to only a single board.

If you are looking for a versatile mid-sized board, take a very close look at the Pleasant Pheasant.   After all, when the shaper says it's his favorite board to shape... you've got to pay attention.

See all available Pleasant Pheasants 

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