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Building Your Perfect Surfboard Quiver

Building Your Perfect Surfboard Quiver

Your perfect surfboard quiver should be like a bag of golf clubs—each board with a clearly defined purpose.

Golfers are very clear in defining what each club is for, and knowing when to reach for which piece of equipment.

There is a lot more subjectivity in your surfboard quiver, so the guidelines are much less defined.  Surfers are far more likely to limit themselves to a particular board, or type of boards.  But what if we treated our surfboard quiver more purposefully, and became proficient with each board in order to fulfill a wider variety of conditions.  

Granted, golf conditions vary much more frequently—swing to swing.

Surf conditions vary day-to-day.

But the needs are often as varied with the surf conditions as they are over the course of a round of golf.  Especially if you plan on doing any surf travel in a given year.

Our aim is to give you the same level of confidence with your surfboard quiver that a proficient golfer has with his bag of clubs.  To know when to employ which board, with the overall goal of becoming a well-rounded, confident surfer—in any conditions that might come your way. 

Over the last couple years, I have tried to translate the many thousands of surfboard-centric conversations we have had with customers into Free Guides that give some insight into the design intentions behind each of our surfboard models.

We also introduced a series of interviews with some of our friends, contributors, and riders, about how they have elected to construct their ideal Three Board Quiver.  In hopes that seeing how some familiar faces have constructed their own quivers would give some clues about how you may want to approach your equipment. 

More important than where your surfing has been, is deciding where you want your surfing to be going.  What's the goal? Where are you wanting to go?

And how can your equipment choices help you get there? We're here to help. 

As important as the gear we build, is the transfer of years and years of experience we have helping other customers find answers to your same questions.

First steps:

  1. Read Our Free Guides
  2. Check Out the Models That Might Suit Your Goals
  3. Read Other Customers' Reviews
  4. Find the Right Board For Your Next Chapter of Surf Proficiency

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