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Three Board Quiver: Nick Sabio

Three Board Quiver: Nick Sabio

A well-appointed Three Board Quiver can cover the average surfer’s basic needs for year-round surfing. 

Today, we're checking in with friend of the brand and early & often surf club member Nick Sabio.

1. My daily driver is my 9’4 Walks on Water

As an aspiring logger, the WoW forces me to be mindful of my footwork, position well on waves, and fade my take-offs! When these three elements come together, I get to enjoy stable cross steps and locked-in nose rides- which make me feel way cooler than I really am!

2. When the conditions require me to be a bit more maneuverable, I reach for my 5’2 Sea Kitten.

I tend to surf the soft and slopey waves of Doheny or San O, but even those spots can get waves where the extra foam of my Walks on Water can be a hindrance. This is where my Sea Kitten comes out to play. Its wide outline and subtle entry rocker lets me paddle into waves early and often but offers me the maneuverability that you just don’t get on a longboard.

Although my go-to board is my WoW, I must confess, I find myself looking for any reason to take my Sea Kitten out—it’s just THAT much fun.

3. My third board in my quiver is the R-Series 8’0 Joy

I picked this board up last summer for my wife, who had recently agreed to conquer her fear of surfing! We wanted to get her something that was durable- something we didn’t have to worry about getting dinged, but a board that she could learn to turn on and give her the confidence she needed to progress her surfing.

There isn’t much that gives me more joy than introducing my friends and family to surfing. The R-Series 8’0 Joy lets me share the stoke with everyone I paddle out with. When I’m not using the Joy to push people into waves, I’ll surf it finless at Trails when I feel like gettin’ weird! TONS of fun.

Parting Advice:
My advice to those who are slowly building their quivers like me—choose shapes that compliment the type of wave you surf 90% of the time!

You know what sort of board(s) will go at your preferred break. It’d be a shame to invest your hard-earned money into a board that you won’t use often.

You know your local break. You know what kind of conditions you can expect there year-round. Build your quiver accordingly!

And finally, when in doubt, ask the Almond Team! You won’t find a friendlier or more helpful group of people at any other surf shop. See ya out there!


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