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Are You Still Making These 3 Common Mistakes?

Are You Still Making These 3 Common Mistakes?

I see surfers continually making the same three mistakes—and those mistakes are limiting their surfing and causing their wave counts to suffer. 

On any given day, I'd say more than half the surfers in the water are guilty of at least one—if not all three.

If you want to surf smarter than 50% of the other surfers in the lineup, avoid these three common mistakes:

1. Riding the Wrong Board for the Conditions

Building surfboards is our primary job, so naturally we are going to have opinions on how to best match your equipment to the types of waves you are surfing. In order to put yourself in the best position for success, you want to be riding a board appropriate for the day, the waves, and the surf spot.  

One way to know if you're on the right equipment is by watching the best surfers in the water... what are they riding? 

Another way is to get a versatile board that covers a wide array of conditions.  Mid-Lengths are a great place to start.  Or a longboard with a little more curve in the outline that fits into a wider array of waves.

Lastly, keep a small, well-appointed quiver of a few boards that are well-suited for the conditions you are most likely to encounter week-in and week-out.

We have dozens of articles and a handful of eBooks aimed solely at helping you make more informed decisions about your quiver.  

2. Catching Waves Way Too Late

It's no coincidence that we coined the term Early & Often Surf Club... we are big proponents of the fact that catching waves earlier in their formation plays a huge role in improving your surf success.  

This can be assisted in part by the point above (proper equipment) but is also depends on your mentality and physical effort.  When the set wave you've been waiting all morning for swings your way, dig deep, paddle hard and get to your feet early.  

Everything else you hope to do on that wave will come easier.

3. Surfing Stiff-Legged

This one is tricky, because you probably don't even realize you're guilty of it.  In your mind, you're just surfing... but from the beach your posture is upright and your knees are locked like the Tin Man.

If you want to have better balance, better control, and be able to generate better speed, bend your knees and drop your hips. (Do not bend at the waist.) 

Getting your center of gravity lower is a surefire way of extending the length of your rides. It may require a little out-of-water practice, because most of us don't often crouch in a ball during the course of regular life, but spending 5 mins a day in a crouched position will help strengthen your legs and get you comfortable in that position. 


If you can stop doing those 3 things, you will dramatically improve your surfing.  

We want you to squeeze as much enjoyment out of surfing every time you get to paddle out.  Keep these 3 tips in mind and then work on fitting surfing into your weekly routine—you'll be better for it.

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