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Is Paddling A Surfboard the Perfect Antidote to Working on a Laptop?

Is Paddling A Surfboard the Perfect Antidote to Working on a Laptop?

I have been increasingly aware of how much time I spend hunched over a laptop.

While I love the versatility of being able to work anywhere, I'm also noticing the affect all the hours typing has on my neck, back, and shoulders. (Not in a good way).

While surfing this weekend, I had the realization that paddling a surfboard is nearly the opposite activity to being on a laptop. (In a very good way).

When done correctly, your chin and chest should be raised off the deck of your board, engaging your back and neck muscles.

And you are working your shoulders, arms, and lats to propel your board through the water. 

Firmly convinced of my new-found theory that paddling a board is the perfect antidote to working hunched over a laptop, I texted a friend who has many years of experience in fitness & personal training....

Me: "Is paddling a surfboard the ultimate antidote to working on a laptop?"

Friend: "Pretty damn close."

That was all the confirmation I needed. Grey days, flat days, whatever the case might be, you can find me getting in the water for a paddle much more often from now on.  My aching posture needs the reprieve.

And I'm committed to extending the longevity of my surfing—and my ability to continue writing these little articles about surfing.

Join me in making surfing part of your regular health, wellness and fitness routine.

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