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No Wax Necesarry

No Wax Necesarry

I was catching up with a friend yesterday and we inevitably were chatting surfing.  He had surfed that morning—I had not

My buddy keeps all his boards in his shed in his back yard, and was lamenting that it gets so darn hot in the shed that the wax melts off his boards constantly. 

He said in the Summer he basically has to strip the wax off and reapply a brand new coat before every surf—when he wants to surf his shortboard.  Which... is why he has been grabbing his 5'4 R-Series Menu so much more these days.  Even when the waves are good, he grabs the R-Series because it's one less hurdle to navigate to get out the door and get in the water.

It was a good reminder to me, because I honestly kind of gloss over the no wax thing sometimes.  It's one of the most frequent things we hear from customers—they love the no surf wax.  It eliminates one piece of the puzzle of things that need to align for a good surf to happen.  

That said, we do encourage a wetsuit jacket or surf shirt for a little extra protection from abrasion ... but the benefits definitely out-weigh the costs.

Thankful for my friend reminding me that the no wax thing is pretty darn cool, especially in the heat of the Summer.

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