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Almond is the premier lifestyle brand of the Surfer+Craftsman.  Surfing and craftsmanship are equally vital in shaping the direction of everything we do.  Much of our product development is driven by skilled friends, multi-talented surfers, and craftsmen of all sorts whom we meet along the way.  Here is a brief look at some of the surfers and craftsmen who contribute to the Almond story...

ANDY NIEBLAS is a young surfer whose style and confidence is well beyond his years. you can find andy hanging out at doheny in the summer surfing and making friends; or making treks up the coast to malibu in a car packed with boards and friends. as nice of a kid as you’ll meet. 
GRIFFIN NEUMANN-KYLE joined almond  in october, 2008 with one purpose in mind: to shape surfboards. There is a constant struggle between dave and griffin of 'form versus function', but that has lent itself well to the surfboards that they have created together. you'd be hard-pressed to find someone more dedicated to hand-shaping than griffin.
SIMON PATCHETT is the first international surfer representing almond. simon is a talented young surfer from NSW, Australia who has taken a quick liking to the cash-yew model; although he is already well versed in the art of riding logs, twin fins and quads.

DAVE ALLEE is the founder of almond and the lead visionary behind the brand. dave handed the planer off to griffin, but hasn’t strayed too far from his roots as a backyard shaper and dreamer.

CYRUS SUTTON is an accomplished film-maker and surfer. cyrus has combined his gifts in surfing and media direction, with his passion for breaking the routine of over-consumption; to inspire the younger generation to pick up some tools, grab a sewing machine and ‘do-it-yourself’. 

GULLY started making wooden fins for his cousin, dave, when he was 12. now gully is 17, and he’s got a bit of experience foiling fins and making handplanes. gully is a perfectionist when it comes to his craft, and it shows.
AARON CERVANTES is known around town as king rat. “rat” grew up surfing big hollow surf in newport on big, heavy longboards. he has a unique fearless ability to get to the nose even when it’s pumping.

CAM ODEN started his photography career at a young age; his eye for photography, film, design, & surfboard design is impeccable. cam originally came on for photography, but his skills have poured over into a variety of other areas. 
SCHUYLER MCFERRAN is the primary female representation on team almond. "sky" is a well-traveled, well-rounded surfer, with a world title under her belt. lately her energy goes into more creative pursuits, like board bags.
MR. SAYAMA  has been making wetsuits in Japan for 40 years. The quality of the materials and the construction of the suit is unlike any we've ever seen. In collaboration with Sayama, we have designed a full range of wetsuits. they are all available for custom-order, and we stock a small selection in our shop.
YUTA KOIDE is a multi-talented graphic designer, shaper, fin-foiler and skateboard builder.  we collaborated with yuta on an all new almond x shakastics collab for 2013. smaller than our previous coffee-break commuter... this will be more like the original 60's sidewalk surfers. yuta has also contributed a number of graphics over the years.
WATERMAN'S GUILD has been doing some of the best laminating and glassing work in the world since 1983.  we're honored to be working with the waterman's crew, who play such a major role in the finished product and detail of every single almond surfboard.

CHAD CRESS directs and enacts our apparel efforts.  He's involved in everything from line plans and design through sales, at this point; (a role he takes a tremendous amount of pride in.)  Chad is a story-teller and image-capturer first, and the story of California-made surf apparel is one that he loves to tell.

DANE FLINN is the shot of youthful energy that we old 20-somethings need around the shop.  Not to mention he out-surfs all of us, even on our finest days.  Dane gives Griffin an excuse to make surfboards that we otherwise wouldn't probably emphasize.  Needless to say, Dane keeps all of us on our toes. Dane also hates when I post photos of him doing fly-aways.

JEFFREY ALLEE is the gear that keep the Almond engine in motion.  He helps with everything from the retail store, to shipping to customer service.  If you've ever ordered something from Almond, chances are you've spoken with Jeff.  And unbeknownst to you, he was probably putting a shipping label on a box, filling out a surfboard order form and answering an email while he was helping you.

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