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What Makes An R-Series?

The R-Series surfboards are made of a rugged foam, a no-wax deck, and strengthened by precision-foiled wood stringers. Real fin boxes mean you can swap your fins out with any Futures or universal center box fin.

The rugged foam of the R-Series line is closed-cell, meaning it won't take on water. Whereas a traditionally constructed soft top gets water-logged, the R-Series will keep on going, even after years of bumps and bruises. There is no "skin" on an R-Series board, that material you see

All R-Series surfboards can—and will—be recycled at the end of their useful life. Because of our relationship with our manufacturing partners, the infrastructure to receive and process R-Series for recycling is already in place—and happening currently. In exchange for you getting your heavily used R-Series board back to us, we will give you a discount on a brand new one.

The third "R" in R-Series... Ready-to-Rip.  All R-Series surfboards are ready-to-rip—right out of the box! No need to even wax it. The no-slip grip means you'll never need to bum a bar of wax off a stranger in the parking lot, but you may prefer to surf with a wetsuit top or surf tee.

Like all the surfboards we build, the R-Series boards are made right here in the USA.