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6'8 Pleasant Pheasant

I've been riding the first of this new model for a few months now, but we have yet to really introduce it on a broader scale.  Not because there was any doubt about this board's merit in the lineup or place in our Almond offerings, but because we couldn't decide on what to call it.  The first name was The Telescopic Surfboard but we couldn't get 100% buy-in from the team on the idea of naming a surfboard after a function that didn't really exist. (It doesn't telescope) So, we landed on a bird-inspired name, the Pleasant Pheasant.  

We have always had a gap in our board lineup between the Kookumber and the Joy and we have long desired to fill that gap by shaping something that was ideal in the mid-6-foot range.  Never being ones to take the development of a new model lightly, the mid-6' range has been a topic of discussion for about 2 years.  We wanted to do something that would get into waves early (as that is always a consideration near the top of the list) but offered something unique from the other boards we were making.  The idea to put side-bites on this board excited us, just to give it a more lively feel, particularly if people were going to be using this as a step-up.  By doing the tiny side-bites we felt more inclined to go round tail, because what we lacked in tail volume would be someone compensated for by the added drive of the side-bites.  And in a perfect world, we wanted this to be a board that could be surfed laterally, off the tail, when the situation was appropriate.

In any case, add this and the Walks on Water to the list, because we're pretty happy with where we have landed with this one.  And for those of you who have been feeling like we've dropped the ball on the 6'4 to 7'0 range, we now have something to proudly offer... the Pleasant Pheasant.

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