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Recycling Loyalty Program

R-Series Recycling Video from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

When it comes to keeping surfboards out of a landfill, we have two firm beliefs about what we can do to eliminate waste:

  1. Build surfboards that are worth caring for and repairing, so their usefulness lasts DECADES.
  2. Build surfboards that are realistically going to be recycled, and reward our customers for participating in that with us.

Our foam + fiberglass surfboards are meant to be cherished, enjoyed, repaired, and passed down for many, many years.  We use premium-quality materials, and glass them to last.

Our new R-Series surfboard is an answer to the disposable, replaceable, returnable foam boards that are flooding local lineups lately. 

Surfboards, in our opinion, should never be viewed with the disregard of a disposable camera (admittedly outdated reference). 

That said, surfboards—especially shortboards and soft-tops—have a finite life cycle.  Therefore, we designed the R-Series board with the maximum likelihood of being returned and recycled.  

We are even offering you a $50 voucher toward a new R-Series surfboard if you return the board to us at the end of it's useful life, so we can grind it up, and return the components to our suppliers for recycling and downcycling. 

If you have an R-Series Surfboard by Almond, and are ready to recycle it, contact us and we will email you instructions on how to do that, and how to redeem your voucher.

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