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Ask Griffin Anything: "Finding a place to shape a surfboard"

Ask Griffin Anything: "Finding a place to shape a surfboard"

This is part of our "Ask Almond Shaper Griffin NK Anything" Series...

Doug asks:

"Space is hard to come by in CA these days but there’s still a ton of stoke by me and friends over getting into shaping. For those stuck in apartments with limited space and thin walls, how would you recommend a starting space to start playing around? Any creative avenues you’ve seen or heard of or could recommend from personal experience?"


"Hi Doug thanks for writing in!

This is a tough one, I started in my parents garage and let me tell you they were not fans of the mess I made hahaha. 

While they don’t really have space for it at my shop, there are many glass shops that will let you use a room if you are going to get the board glassed at their shop.

One of the most creative things I’ve seen is a friend who had a shipping container outside his house, I know this may be tough sell to a landlord…

One piece of advice I will recommend if you do decide to shape inside, USE A DUST COLLECTOR, because that dust can linger for a really long time. If you need a recommendation for a small cheap dust collector I can send you a link."

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