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Experimental 6'6 Quad Fish

Experimental 6'6 Quad Fish

You may recall the light blue tint 6'4 Plez-Kumber that we cooked up a couple months ago...

After staring at that outline for way too long, we thought "what if we cut a swallow-tail into it?"

We beefed up the foil a little bit, so it would paddle like a dream, and then cut a swallow tail into it.

The intent was to create a long-fish that made sense for the types of boards we build.  Our twin fin fish models don't generally scale up to the longer lengths very often, and there are plenty of examples of fishes done in really long lengths.

For some reason, those super fishes never really appealed to me, personally.  I couldn't really figure out how I would surf one, if I were ever given the chance. 

The ability to mind-surf a board directly impacts one's ability to surf a board.

When doing this 6'6, we wanted to keep it narrow with a long rail line.  It ends up more closely resembling a joy nose, but the long rail line and narrow, lively template are distinctly Plez-Phez inspired.

We did it as a quad, because we really, really wanted the rider to be able to complete turns and rebound off the whitewash on this board. 

Long, flowy, and fluid is the mind-surfing goal.

On Saturday, we handed this board off to Nathan Adams, so he could get it under his capable feet for a few weeks.  Can't wait to see how he does with it.  We will absolutely be sharing the results as soon as they come rolling in.

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