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Orange and Blue Makes Green

Orange and Blue Makes Green

One of my all-time favorite lay-ups is the tint wrap deck + tint wrap bottom, which results in a third color around the rail.  In this case, the orange deck and the blue bottom—two colors that are unique and lovely in their own right—combine to make a beautiful green. 

The uniqueness of the orange and blue come together to make something even better than the sum of the parts.  Had the deck and the bottom both been orange, the rails would combine to just be a darker shade of orange.  

Hate and fear do not belong.  So much of this past week has been marked by the hate and fear that exists in the world.  I heard the analogy once that when you are mountain biking (or surfing, I suppose) you train your eyes to fixate on where you want to go, not the place you don't want to go.  If you fixate on an upcoming rock or hole, you will inevitable track that direction. Conversely, if you fix your eyes on the path you wish you take, your tires will follow your eyes.

As we work together to figure out our way, fix your eyes on hope and love—not on fear and hate.  

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