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Origin of the name: Almond Surfboards

Origin of the name: Almond Surfboards

In honor of National Almond Day, we're taking a look back at the origin of our name (which we started putting on backyard shaped surfboards way back in 2007).

Naturally, we get asked with some regularity why the name "Almond Surfboards" and here's a brief explanation of how we chose that moniker back in 2006:

Almonds have a deep root in our home state of California, and beyond being a nut Almond is also a color, and flavor, and a shape.

It's a tidy word, with only 6 letters.

We have always wanted to create a brand that was inviting, understated, and featured natural colors and tones.

Plus, as you start to scribble it in the margins of your notebooks in college, you learn all sorts of things about the word ALMOND...

The shape of the word "Almond" has a nice balance to it.  It's helpful that Almond starts with an "A" so it's always near the top of the alphabet. Because it has 6 letters in it, you can break it up by 2 or by 3, if you choose to stack it. 

I always appreciated that it was a nod to the natural world, without being overly tied to the ocean. Everyone else is looking solely at the ocean for inspiration, but I've always tried to draw inspiration from many sources—however unlikely.

From those very first rough, backyard shaped boards in 2006 or 2007, to the custom boards we shipped to France this week, we are incredibly grateful that we get to build wave riding equipment for a living.

I am also very grateful to all the talented folks, friends, contributors, and partners who have helped add value to the name over the years. The brand is a reflection of all the folks who have contributed, supported, and shaped our path.

We firmly believe Almond Surfboards' best is yet to come, and we are incredibly appreciative that you all are along for the ride.

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