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Why the Joy?

Why the Joy?

Last Summer, we reached the finish line on what had been a 3-year long pursuit to build something different and exciting in the way of surfboard construction.  We opted to build the first R-Series in the form of the 5'4 Secret Menu, mostly because something under 6 feet felt like a manageable size to prove the concept on.

We looked at our sub-six-foot surfboard offerings and determined the Secret Menu to be among the most popular, as well as a favorite of many of us (Dave, Griffin, Drew, etc...) So we got to work building the perfect 5'4 Secret Menu and packed in a little extra thickness to ensure this thing would float plenty.

We knew a 5'4 was too small for many, but every journey has to start somewhere.  We were honestly floored by the response and enthusiasm that the 5'4 R-Series Secret Menu brought—it was the validation of a several years long dream.

We started scheming which model to build next pretty early after we realized people were stoked on the idea.  We unveiled the Secret Menu in May, and by October I think we were on revision #3 of building the perfect 8'0 Joy to base the next R-Series on.  

Above all else, we wanted our second installment in the "R" series to double-down on our commitment to maximizing the enjoyment of our customers, and maximizing the conditions we encounter most frequently—two feet and firing. 

The Joy answers the bill for both of these goals—it's enough board to accommodate surfers of all shapes and sizes and it's far better suited for squeezing every ounce of fun out of ankle-slappers than any 5'4 will ever be. (No matter how much foam a board has, when it comes to glide, you can't ever fully replace length.)

We are beyond thrilled to bring this 8'0 R-Series Joy to life, and we are so grateful to all of you who have believed in this project enough to pre-order one.  We are hard at work to bring this thing to all of you, and we can assure you are going to be stoked when we get this thing under your feet.

If you haven't already, we are still taking pre-orders for the R-Series 8'0 Joy, and we will keep you in the loop as we near the ship-date.  Very thankful and very excited for Summer 2019! 

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