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Lumberjack vs. Walks on Water vs. Logistic

Lumberjack vs. Walks on Water vs. Logistic

Here's a common question we get, regarding the three square-tailed noserider models we build: what's the difference between the Lumberjack, Walks on Water, and Logistic?

At first glance, each of these longboard models looks fairly similar, but with every new model added to our offering, each of these models was developed as a response to a specific need.

The Lumberjack

This one came first, and each of the other two models are actually branches off of the Lumberjack tree.  The Lumberjack was developed as our all-around classic beach break noserider.  It carries fairly traditional noserider dimensions: 18" nose, 23" wide, 16" tail.  The Lumberjack features a fairly low, continuous rocker profile (suitable for the longboard waves we encounter most frequently around here), and moderately tapered rails.  We use a blended nose concave to provide adequate lift for noseriding, without inhibiting the overall glide of the board. 

If you are looking for a dependable noseriding longboard, the Lumberjack is a great bet—we have over a decade of evidence to support that claim.


The Walks on Water

The WoW is the result of conversations with our team rider, Andy Nieblas.  We took many of the same principles that went into shaping the Lumberjack, and adapted them to suit the way Andy likes to surf.  Andy wanted something even more stable under-foot, even if that meant the board required more footwork to turn.

Because he commonly surfs Sano and Doheny, Andy wanted a fuller rail that was less likely to bury when he went to throw his weight into a turn. (Those are softer waves and the fuller rail helps push through the slower moments).

Where we ended up with the Walks on Water, was a square-tail noserider that was even fuller and wider than the Lumberjack.  The result is a board that is very stable under-foot. It's a bit more forgiving for noseriding than the Lumberjack is, but requires a little extra footwork to turn.


The Logistic

Shares its roots with the Lumberjack, but heads the opposite direction than the Walks on Water.  The Logistic was actually developed to handle slightly more critical waves and sections.  When the waves get punchier and the pocket gets compressed, a little more rocker fits the wave better.  So, for the Logistic, we gave it a little more nose rocker (continuous rocker, not flip in the nose) and an extra flip in the tail to allow the board to slow down and match the speed of the pocket better.

What results is a noserider that can hold its own when the waves get a little more juice.


As with many surfboard quiver decisions, the types of waves you surf are going to dictate the best board for you.  If you surf multiple spots and the conditions tend to vary, the Lumberjack, being more middle of the road, will cover the widest number of needs you're likely to encounter. 

If you surf softer waves and find yourself wanting extra stability and glide, then the Walks on Water is here for you. 

Lastly, if you love noseriding but the jetty at your local spot is just a bit punchy and unfavorable to classic equipment, give the Logistic a go, and get ready to lock into some longer noserides.

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