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The Best Time to be a Surfer

The Best Time to be a Surfer

There is no better time to be a surfer than right now.

Fall is widely considered the best time of year for waves.  In the 12+ years of running a surf shop, we have had visiting surfers from seemingly every corner of the globe.  One of my favorite questions to ask them is when the best time of year is for surf in their neck of the woods?

The answer is almost always "Fall".

The crowds and frenzy of Summer come on slow and strong in May and June, but when the chaos ends, it ends.  After this weekend, a calm returns to the beach and the lineup that's been absent for nearly a third of the year.

The tide is half-full, and the lineup is half-empty.

The water temp usually holds on for a bit longer, but I'll gladly trade a little extra rubber for a peak all to myself.

Fall is at our doorstep. 

There is no better time of year for favorable wind, waves, water temp, and crowds.  If you've been of the mindset that surfing is a Summer sport, you are missing the best months of being in the water.  I even opined that surfing should be reclassified as a Winter sport for the Olympics.

Welcome the arrival of the crisp mornings and warm evenings, and keep your surfboard ready to go when the opportunity presents itself.  There's no better time of year for it.

Here's a little tone-setter for the mood of surfing in the Fall: 

JOY from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

Film/Edit by Rob Schoenborn
Music by Kurtis Shaffer

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