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A "Beginner Surfboard" Designed to Actually Progress Your Surfing

A "Beginner Surfboard" Designed to Actually Progress Your Surfing

When looking for a beginner surfboard, find a board that will make it easy to learn the fundamentals of surfing, and will continue to stay relevant as your skills progress.

The primary goal of any new surfer is to find a surfboard that will enable them to catch waves with confidence, get to their feet regularly, and feel “in control” of the board beneath their feet. 

We firmly believe our 8’0 R-Series Joy is the best board for the novice surfer looking to improve.  

The Joy will provide plenty of float and paddling power, while also not overwhelming you with too much board. 

What About Cheap Soft Tops?

There are many flotation devices that are marketed and sold as surfboards, available on the market today.  They feature way too much nose rocker, boxy rails, and clumsy fin set-ups.  They are cheap, yes.  But they are more a result of the construction limitations of a laminated soft top than actual surfboard design—you would never shape a surfboard that way if you could help it. 

The right equipment can make all the difference.

What Makes the Joy Different?

Our R-Series Joy is a surfboard through-and-through, and a darn proven one.  After all, it's a 3D replica of one of our best-selling custom surfboard models, just reimagined in an easy-to-use, easy-to-love, recyclable foam construction. 

The Joy features:

  • Our carefully-tuned rocker profile.
  • Real, rounded rails (with a hard edge only in the tail).
  • A universal fin box.
  • Flat bottom contour, with a slight vee out the tail (to assist in initiating turns)
  • The elliptical "Joy" outline, designed to maximize your control of the board from any stance.
  • A rugged foamie construction that's designed to take a fair bit of abuse and keep on going (thanks to the closed-cell, waterproof foam).

Stories of Transformation:

We selected these three recent reviews, because they touched on the importance of choosing the right equipment, particularly when you are learning to surf.

What’s the best way to learn to surf?

When learning to surf, there is nothing more important than becoming a student of the art of wave riding—that includes being a student of the waves you wish to ride, the dynamics of the ever-changing surf lineup, and the fundamentals and mechanics of paddling for (and ultimately riding) waves.

We created this Free Guide as a resource for people who are truly seeking to make surfing part of their regular rhythm of life.

Basic Equipment for Beginner Surfers:

We created the "First-Year Surfer Bundle" as a way of equipping the next generation of thoughtful surfers with the best gear for their prolonged success.

The bundle includes an 8'0 R-Series Joy, a fin, a board bag, and a leash.

3 Tips for Rapidly Improving Your Surfing:

If you do these three simple things, you will improve your surfing faster than anyone else who is learning.

  1. Catch waves early in their formation—which means digging deep, paddling hard, and getting to your feet before the wave has a chance to break.
  2. Bend your knees. A low center of gravity will serve you well.
  3. Set your eyes on where you wish to go.  While your board should be in the pocket of the wave, your eyes should be down the line where you are traveling.

Surfing is a life-long learning process.  Even the most experienced surfers are still improving upon their ability to read what the ocean is doing and react to it.  No one has perfected it, because the ocean is always changing.  Harnessing the power of a wave and using it for a free ride down the beach is a delight—and a feeling that keeps surfers coming back again and again.

Equip yourself with the right knowledge and the right equipment to make this pursuit a regular part of your life.  Never stop improving, and stay curious about the art of riding waves.

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