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Most Popular Surfboards for Women

Most Popular Surfboards for Women

We dove into the data to figure out which of the surfboards from our range are most popular amongst the females.

Making assumptions or generalizations about why these boards tend to be most popular amongst women seems like its going to land me in hot water, so we're sticking to cold hard facts.

Here are the best-selling surfboards among our female customers:

1. The Joy

Whether or not you include the R-Series in the count, the results are the same.  The Joy is the hands-down best seller amongst the ladies. 

Our R-Series Joy is the best-selling board we make, so that comes as little surprise. The fiberglass Joy offers a ton of versatility and predictable fun in a wide range of surf conditions.  It is of little surprise that the Joy model would sit atop the rankings of most popular board models.

2. The Sano Special

Plenty of glide and stability up front, paired with a narrow tail block for easy, elegant turns—the Sano Special is a fantastic board for making the most of small-ish conditions.  

3. The Pinwheel

Lighter and more nimble than the Sano Special, the Pinwheel actually borrows some notes from the mid-length Joy model. The Pinwheel is designed to be a longboard interpretation of all the feelings that make the Joy so popular.

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