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Plez Phez vs. Joy: R-Series Edition

Plez Phez vs. Joy: R-Series Edition

Helping customers decide between the Pleasant Pheasant and the Joy has to rank among the top 10 most frequently asked surfboard questions we receive—understandably so—they're two of our most popular models.  Since we now officially offer each model in the R-Series construction, it feels appropriate to compare the foamie iterations of these models.

At 8 feet long and 72.2 Liters of foam, the R-JOY is still going to be the best bet for small surf and high wave counts.  If you are brand new to surfing, the 8'0 Joy is the best place to start. We even wrote an article about why we believe its the best place to begin a novice surfing journey.

The R-PHEZ comes in at 6 feet 4 inches long and 50 Liters of foam—which is beefed up from the traditional foam and fiberglass version.  The R-Series Plez Phez features 23% more foam than a typical 6'4 Plez Phez off the racks.  The added foam helps ensure the most paddle power and glide.

The advantage of the Plez Phez is the ability to get your foot right on the tail, where you have maximum control of the board.  The addition of the side bite fins in no coincidence—they help give the board added bite into the surface of the wave for pumping and generating speed.  The round tail and relatively compact outline make for tighter turning radiuses when you put this board on rail. 

The ideal approach on a Pleasant Pheasant would be to utilize the entire rail line to drive the board and generate speed, and then shift your weight back to push the board through a cut-back turn—and repeat.

The R-Series Joy does more of the work for the rider, using its length and relatively flat rocker profile to pick up the wave's energy and translate it into glide—which allows the rider to stay comfortably centered on the elliptical outline.  This lends itself to a very rider-friendly experience, but the Joy is capable of hanging with you as well. 

The ideal approach on the Joy would be staying low and centered on the board, allowing the glide to do the work, and sliding your back foot back to redirect as necessary. 

Whether you opt to go for the 6'4 or the 8'0, either board was made with early-wave-catching and maximum fun in everyday conditions in mind.  The R-Series line sits as a complimentary cousin to the custom surfboards we build with the ease of use and care & repair at the forefront of why everyone should have at least one foamie in their quiver.

See them side-by-side in all of their color options HERE.

As always, they are Made in the USA and 100% recyclable.

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