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Start Planning Your Next Surf Trip Now

Start Planning Your Next Surf Trip Now

If your surf trip involves an airplane and a passport—or if you plan to order a new custom surfboard—start planning one year in advance.  

We've been building. custom surfboards for a long time, and we mean it when we say order your new surfboard a year before you plan to go. 

This might sound extreme, but you want to give yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with your equipment before you go on your dream surf trip where perfect waves and empty beaches await.

You do not want to be monkeying around with fin placement midway through a trip.

The time for dialing in your equipment, building your paddling strength, and planning your best window for the conditions to align is months before you ever stuff a surfboard into a board bag and venture off for crystal blue waters.

I can't tell you how many times we have received panicked phone calls from customers who need their board shipped post haste because they have a surf trip coming up on Friday, and the board needs to arrive before then.

Of course, we'll make every effort to get their board to them in time, but man-oh-man, it would eliminate a whole lot of all-hands-on-deck emergencies if a little more planning went in earlier.

The surf experience is based heavily on a series of feelings that are clumsy to articulate, but have the power to keep bringing us back again and again. 

The best stories that come out of a surf trip are usually around the drama of trying to get to the spot, or the funny things that happen in the evenings when everyone's arms feel like they're made of wet noodles.

But the best memories are the deeply personal ones that happen in the water.

  • That vantage from the shoulder of your friend's best wave.
  • That wave that seemed to swing wide and come straight to you.
  • The feeling of kicking out at the end of a leg-burner, looking back out to the lineup to see if your buddies were watching from out the back. 

So, my advice to you is this...

Dial in your equipment early, plan your accommodations, pack your board bag really well (no dings in transit), and bring your best friends along with you. 

Enjoy the anticipation, mind-surf the wave long before you ever arrive, and start planning your next surf trip before the first one ends.

But for our sanity and yours... order your new surfboard EARLY and we'll do our best to build you the best board for maximizing those rare and special opportunities to surf unfamiliar waves with familiar faces.

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