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"The R-Series Joy is the Best Board for Beginners"

"The R-Series Joy is the Best Board for Beginners"

The primary goal of any novice surfer is to find a surfboard that will enable them to catch waves with confidence, get to their feet regularly, and feel in-control of the surfboard beneath their feet.

The R-Series Joy is the best surfboard for the entry-level surfer, and here are 7 reasons why. 

1. At 8 feet long and 22 inches wide, the Joy is JUST RIGHT. 

We make boards as small as 4'10 and as long as 10'6", the Joy fits nicely in the middle of the range, which means it has some of the advantages of both the small stuff and the long stuff.  Not too big, not too small, just like the porridge that Goldilocks was searching for.   It is no coincidence that the Joy was one of our most popular surfboard models, long before we introduced it in the foam R-Series construction. 

2. Enough volume to float well, paddle well, and catch waves early.

Surfers always want to know which size board is right for them, based on their height, weight, and where they surf.  While there is validity to this question, the 72 L of foam (the volume of the Joy) is appropriate for a wide range of surfers—call it from 65 lbs to 245 lbs.

3. It's ready to surf "right out of the box". 

When you pick up the R-Series Joy, there is a simple fin installation (easier than that unassembled end table that you just bought, I promise) and then you are ready to go... no need to figure out where to wax it and how much, it's ready when you are.

4. Because of it’s elliptical outline (with lots of curve in the back-half) it turns rather comfortably from the middle of the board

(where the novice surfer is likely to be standing)

All of that curve you see in the outline of the tail assists the board in turning when you lean the board in the direction you intend to go.

5. You have a low chance of hurting your surfboard, yourself, or other surfers. 

The foam construction of the R-Series is much more user-friendly than a fiberglass board when it comes to avoiding bumps and bruises.  And because the foam doesn't take on water, you won't "water-log" your board by knocking it on rocks or letting it wash up on shore.  Now, this isn't a free pass to treat it poorly—the better you treat it the longer it will last.  This just means that unlike other surfboard constructions, each dent you pick up doesn't need to be addressed to preserve the structural integrity. 

6. Although it's great for beginners, this board was not designed to be exclusively a "Beginner's Board". 

The Joy is a model that sits between our longboards and our shorter boards, meant for surfers of various ages and stages.  Too often, surfboards get dumbed-down to being really easy for the first timer, but have little value once you have progressed past that first successful ride.  The Joy will grow with you as you build confidence in the water.

7. The costs of surfing are relatively low compared to other outdoor sports. 

You need a surfboard, a leash, and a wetsuit.  The ocean—and experience—provide the rest.  Even so, committing to a brand new surfboard can be a big decision.  That's why the R-Series line of boards, in addition to being user-friendly, is about 1/2 the price of the custom fiberglass boards we build. 

Want to hear from your fellow surfers? We have over 300 reviews from surfers of all ages and stages sharing their experiences riding the R-Series 8'0 Joy. 

The R-Series Joy starts at $599

Rugged 🔨
Recyclable ♻️
Ready-to-Rip 🌊
Made in the USA 🇺🇸



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