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Which Noserider Is Right For You?

Which Noserider Is Right For You?

Choosing the right noserider has a lot to do with the type of waves you plan to surf most often.

This goes beyond just the size of the waves. Not all 2 foot waves are built the same...

A board that works great in slow, soft, rolling waves is going to be different than a board that works great in steeper, punchier, more critical surf.

When the waves are soft and rolling... 

You need the supreme stability of the Walks on Water. 

This is Andy Nieblas' signature noserider model, and provides ample stability for noseriding—especially in soft waves like San Onofre or Doheny.

The wide tail helps contribute to the added stability of this board, but also requires more active footwork.  Expect to cross step back toward the tail to get this board to change directions.

Learn more about the Walks on Water

When the waves are rolling, but you want to make turning easier...

The Sano Special is designed specifically for soft, log-friendly waves like San Onofre. It's a paddling and gliding dream. Extremely stable from the nose, with a pulled in tail block for easier sweeping turns.

Catches waves like a dream and exceptional glide—even in the smallest, weakest surf. Great for building confidence on the nose.

Learn more about the Sano Special

When the waves get steeper and the pocket gets more critical...

You need our most progressive noserider, the Logistic model.

This board draws a heavy influence from the tried-and-true Lumberjack (and it's mid-60's influences) but features a few design enhancements that help this board fit the pocket better when the waves are more critical. 

We pulled the nose to give it more control on the tip and the ability to negotiate those critical sections. To compliment this we added a touch more nose rocker to improve on the board’s ability to navigate punchier waves. We also added a very slight step deck in the nose to cut down on the swing weight (for better turning).  And a little more tail rocker than the traditional Lumberjack.

All of this equates to a noserider that locks in the pocket, and performs exceptionally well in decent surf. 

Learn more about the Logistic

 When you want to surf a variety of wave types...

If versatility is what you crave, the Lumberjack or Surf Thump are the boards for you.  These boards are built for average beach break conditions, and will excel as the wave quality improves. 

Either of these boards will suit a wide range of conditions. The Lumberjack will provide a bit more noseriding stability, whereas the Surf Thump will favor slightly easier and more lively turning. 

It's no coincidence that these are our two best selling longboard models—they have been tested and proven over the last 15 years.

Whichever noserider model you chose, practice staying in the pocket and in doing so, you will maximize your success on the nose.

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