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Fiberglass Construction

There are two primary foam cores used in surfboard building: Expanded Polystyrene and Polyurethane. We use polyurethane because of its ideal finish-weight, and feel under feet. We use US Blanks foam cores, with our proprietary rocker profiles (catch waves early, catch waves often).

The stringer is there to provide two primary functions:

The stringer controls the rocker profile of the surfboard

The stringer gives the board the strength and stiffness.

Glassing, or laminating, a surfboard is as much art as it is science. Every custom surfboard we build touches the hands of no less than eight highly-skilled craftsmen.  There is nothing mass-produced about a custom surfboard, every step is carefully executed by a passionate individual. 

The color you see on most Almond Surfboards is the result of adding colored pigment to the resin that is used in the laminating process.

So, when you see a nice color on your surfboard, you are looking at the foam core through tinted lenses. Which is why they are called resin tints.

We use Futures brand fin boxes on all fishes, small boards. Any Futures compatible fin will fit in your Almond Surfboard.

The center fin (single fin) boxes are universal and will accept about 99% of the single fins that you encounter out in the wild.

If you aren't sure which fin is best suited for your board, shoot us a photo of the tail and we're happy to lend a hand.

Custom Almond Surfboards come in two primary finishes:

Sanded-Gloss: a matte to semi-gloss finish.

Gloss & Polish: a shiny finish that looks especially nice on darker colored boards.